Friday, August 10, 2007

A Winters Tale 2004 for Smålands Musik och Teater, directed by Ronny Danleisson.

This is a small studio theatre and I created an exterior with water covered in ice for the Sicilian location and removed this for the exotic, warm and sensual Bohemia. I played with the idea of the temperature of nature in both the lighting and the costumes. In the space the first part was icy and after the interval flowers blossomed through the walls in the overripe sexy Bohemia and yes it did rain onstage.
I worked with the idea that Sicilia was dominated by formal adults who were in a sense victims of the culture in which they lived and in contrast Bohemia was the place of youth and sunshine. Typified by (amongst other things) hundreds of dead blue leaves which conceal a giant sunflower printed on the floor beneath.

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